Welcome to CrawlJammer: Planetary Delving and Adventure!
This game will be played over the internet using various virtual tabletop software and either Skype or a Google-Hangout for communications.

Welcome new recruits to the Perilous League! Many of you are here due to indiscretions that have caused you shame in the past. Some of you are here for a chance to discover vast riches and the plunder of bygone ages. Fewer of you are here because you harbor within you the spark of imagination and thrill seeking that only the League can provide. Fewer still are those that seek out ancient knowledge from distant planets. You are ALL here at my indulgence, least you forget. Once you board this fine vessel you will be taken to our facilities upon the very Moon in the sky. There, you will be subjected to rigorous training and many of you will fail to find it within yourselves the strength to continue. For those slim few that can withstand the rigors, positions await you in the Perilous League! Mount up!
…and so, with eyes full of wonder and a lust for adventure, you board the ship that sails between stars.

This is a game of planetary adventure mixed with low fantasy. Inspirations for this game come from such novels as : John Carter of Mars, The Lens Men, The Conan stories, The Elric sagas, The Dying Earth series as well as most fiction by Jack Vance, etc. etc.

Dungeon Crawl Classics in conjunction with the fanzines : CrawlJammer, Crawling Under a Broken Moon and Crawl!

Check the Wiki page here for what will be used, how to generate characters, and for the general playing of the game.

CrawlJammer : Planetary delving and Adventure!

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