Rules in use

From the Crawl! Fanzine

  • Firearms from Crawl! #8
    • Basic rules and the following optional rules: Firearms are Complicated
  • Passive Ability Checks from Crawl!#1
  • Class Skills (but not the random die chart) from Crawl!#1
  • Occupation Skills from Crawl!#1
  • Shattered Shields! from Crawl!#2
  • Helmet Law! from Crawl!#2
  • New Classes from Crawl!#6

From Crawling Under a Broken Moon

  • Technologist class from CUBM#1
  • Mutant class from CUBM#2

From CrawlJammer

  • Pretty much all the new Races and Classes as they are released
  • All rules for ship combat, space combat, etc.

House Rules

Rules in use

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