CrawlJammer : Planetary delving and Adventure!

First Game Redux

Let’s try this again guys!
The first game is set for tomorrow, August the 16th at 9:00p eastern time. Looks like we have 3 players! I believe I have everyone’s Skype names, but if you would like to send them to me again use the messaging system here or

First Session
Deaths 2
Injuries 1

Our ‘heroes’ find themselves at the bottom of a deep crater on the Moon. It seems their ride which was supposed to take them to the Perilous League was attacked mid-flight! They are the only survivors of the craft as they are saved from a great deal of ship damage and tossings-and-turnings by being packed like sardines into a small room.

Exploring the ship they ‘acquire resources’ from the corpses of the crew – which include: guns, shields and short swords. Adventuring onto the deck they find more corpses, both from the ship and from invaders. Strange men with bestial visages are divested of their tatty, smelly armor. The crater walls are found to be too steep and crumbly to assail so the crew decides to take their chances by delving deep into a cavern exposed by the crashing ship.

Technological marvels are found in these bizarre caverns. along with robotic creatures that keep the place in semi-working condition. They choose to parlay instead of attack and earn some useful information. This installation had been sealed in some time long in the past due to an invasion of some life form that has since multiplied! The life form is met, this time with far less diplomacy. These Hammer-Heads end up accounting for 2 of the brave crew and injury a third.

Our heroes find marvelous toys that enable them to neutralize the pirate threat that was awaiting them on the surface and with the aid of some brief-case sized land skimmers are able to leave the scene, heading to the light side of the moon and the headquarters of the Perilous League!

10 exp to all survivors who will now take up training in their level 1 classes.
Players will choose their primary character for each subsequent adventure and the rest of their 0 level party earns 1/2 the exp of this chosen character.

The characters also end up with 200 gold for each of the surviving members after trading in the uncut gems that were found as well as the bounty paid by the Perilous League for finding a site of Elder Technology.

Player Note The Perilous League takes a 15% cut of all treasure found in exchange for training and facility use. They don’t take it out of this haul though as technically you were not sworn in yet.


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